21. February 2018.


Today saw the short term borrowing costs of the U.S. government rise to the highest levels seen since 2008. About...

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19. February 2018.


It's President’s Day on Monday and the markets are looking for a break after the herdy gerdy of the past...

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16. February 2018.


The equity market produced another solid day and much of the gain may be attributed to a better perceived outlook...

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14. February 2018.


The CPI number was released today, and a lot of emotional capital was invested in the possible aftermath. As it...

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13. February 2018.


In a manner not unlike the Mamas and Papas song 'Monday Monday', Wednesday may well turn out to be a...

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12. February 2018.


Markets at present are taking a deep breath following last week’s market movements. With the Vix trending back to levels...

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12. February 2018.


The White House has the budget to be released on Monday as having growth at a much higher pace than...

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9. February 2018.


  That’s the way markets are feeling at present. Following the tax cuts, analysts and bond traders have had some...

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7. February 2018.


The markets once again surged, fell, then surged again as we headed to the close. The reason for the surge...

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7. February 2018.


That would appear to be the case of yesterday’s market tantrum. A retracement was long overdue, and markets have had...

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5. February 2018.


A lot has now been written about the selloff markets are currently experiencing and the hyperbole is somewhat misleading. Sorry...

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5. February 2018.

TICK TICK … BOOM (Perhaps sometime) ?

Is the party coming to an abrupt end? Hardly. The equity market staged a minor correction which just means the...

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2. February 2018.


Following the comments by the Fed that inflation was likely to rise to their target level and that the economy...

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31. January 2018.


Today was the day when Trump was going to provide his vision for the future of the American people. What...

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30. January 2018.


It was not so long ago when the mere mention of deficits don’t matter would send conservative politicians and central...

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10. December 2017.


The U.S. payrolls were released Friday and as expected it was yet another month where payrolls expanded. And what a...

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7. December 2017.


That’s exactly what Bitcoin did and so too the U.S. stock market. Bitcoin hit $16,000 today and is now probably...

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7. December 2017.


Today is a momentous day for a major portion of Trump’s voting base. Trump honoured his election pledge and has...

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5. December 2017.


In a bout of self-doubt, the equity market appears to be stalling in its advances and investors are now weighing...

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4. December 2017.


Trump finally got a win of sorts. However, in the dictum of the comment, “It ain’t over 'til the fat...

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30. November 2017.


To coin a phrase from that wonderful marketing pitch for food products, McCain you’ve done it again. And John McCain...

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30. November 2017.


Jamie Dimon may well be eating his words over bitcoin. Adding to Jamie’s comments about bitcoin, Nobel laureate Stiglitz also...

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29. November 2017.


Today was a momentous day. At least that’s what is hoped. The GOP are now looking to attempt and progress...

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27. November 2017.


This week is all about changes. The reader may well ask, well what changes? The answer is simple yet complex....

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26. November 2017.


Over the weekend I was reading a few articles that were very positive about the positioning of the US economy...

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23. November 2017.


Today the Fed released the minutes from their October meeting. It made some interesting reading for some.  In essence, the...

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22. November 2017.


Today was an exciting day if you were turkey. You see, as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, which is...

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21. November 2017.


Friday marks the day when shoppers shop 'til they drop, and the day is also used as a gauge to...

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19. November 2017.


Something is happening out there, but it is hard to know just what. Exchange traded notes in very risky assets...

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16. November 2017.


That sums up Double Line Investments Chief Investment Officer Jeffrey Gundlach’s sentiments after the first stage of the GOP’s Tax...

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16. November 2017.


Equity markets were off today. Some of the weakness was because the CPI was lower (anticipated) and the drugs are...

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15. November 2017.


One cannot help but ponder why markets are so optimistic. The old line from Greenspan's 1996 comment “irrational exuberance” comes...

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13. November 2017.


Markets were languishing today and much of that was because investors are waiting 'til Wednesday’s inflation number comes out. Market...

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13. November 2017.

DIARISE 15 NOVEMBER! For Inflation News

What if the inflation number comes in once again lower than the Fed expects? The Fed has put a lot...

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10. November 2017.

JUST ANOTHER DAY Equities lose ground

Some days you win, other days you lose and that pretty much sums up today's activity. Equities lost ground. Why?...

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9. November 2017.

$250 BIO IS A LOT Trump’s China Deals

That’s the value of the business deals Trump is looking to announce once his Chinese visit is completed. For some...

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7. November 2017.


That’s the way the market felt today. With a heavy heart the market slipped into a lugubrious state of mind...

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6. November 2017.


In an old wives tale, we are told an apple a day keeps the doctor away but in this instance...

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3. November 2017.


The tax policy changes were announced by the GOP today and on the surface, some of the changes look and...

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1. November 2017.

IN SYNCH – U.S. MNCs & Global Growth

Synchronous growth, not the lure of pending tax cuts or the possibility of a tax cut is what is driving...

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31. October 2017.


Perhaps? Mueller set in motion his prosecution of Manafort and Gates and the tactic of isolating each party appears to...

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29. October 2017.


Expectations are a wonderful and powerful emotion and it was that emotion that drove markets on Friday. With the GOP...

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27. October 2017.

A SIGH, A DEEP SIGH. Draghi’s soothing remarks

Markets today breathed a sigh or rather a deep sigh in response to Draghi's comments earlier today. The ECB will...

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26. October 2017.

REALLY FOLKS? Mr. Disruption

The risk on trade faltered badly today. The worst fall in seven weeks with the dollar and equities falling. The...

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25. October 2017.


The Dow had a barnstorming day. Today’s and today's new high, highlights the concentration of 30 securities to create an...

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20. October 2017.

A REMARKABLE DAY 30th Anniversary of Black Monday

As today marks the 30-year anniversary of the crash of 1987, the 19th October 1987.  Today was a remarkably unremarkable day...

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19. October 2017.


Today was the day of the Big Claim or is it deception?  Mnuchin claimed all the credit for the equity...

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18. October 2017.


Not so long ago 23,000 on the Dow looked like a long leap of faith. Well, today that faith was...

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16. October 2017.


Today, in parts of the UK, it was a red sky day. No, it was not coloured red by the...

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16. October 2017.


The Fed keeps looking for inflation, keeps warning us about inflation, keeps telling everyone else to worry about inflation but...

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13. October 2017.


Earnings season kicked off and today was a great day to do something. Citi and JPM were reporting and they...

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12. October 2017.

THE SURGE? The inevitable spike in inflation

The surge. What? may you wonder. The surge of course refers to the inevitable spike in inflation after Hurricanes Irma...

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11. October 2017.

VIVE CATALONIA! European markets nervous

Catalonia is in the news for possibly all the wrong reasons. Having been part of Spain since the early 1800’s...

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9. October 2017.

JOBS? Word Of The Day

The capital markets in the U.S are becoming quite excited. Equity managers point to the fact that recent gains have...

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5. October 2017.

SO SO QUIET…Markets offer more of the same

Who says markets are always different and exciting? The exciting thing about today was that it was more of the...

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4. October 2017.


As markets awoke from their lugubrious snooze, they were met with a dilemma. What to do now that Trump in...

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4. October 2017.

WHAT NOW? Markets mixed as they play wait and see

One has to wonder just what will change now. Bonds seem to want to sell.  The latest JPM survey suggests...

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3. October 2017.

IN VOGUE! Trump promises fuel market optimism

That’s exactly what the equity market is reacting to. All those wonderful promises made by Trump once again are fuelling...

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29. September 2017.


They say the good Lord giveth and taketh away and in this instance the good Lord did not a lot....

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27. September 2017.

WEDNESDAY IS THE DAY! Trump tax policy is unveiled

Why Wednesday? That’s because on Wednesday we are to see the full extent of the Trump tax policy. Details so...

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26. September 2017.

“WHISPER SWEET NOTHINGS,” Markets say to Trump

Following Trump’s tweet via Twitter Saturday evening, the U.S. now suddenly finds out that the North Koreans have taken Donald...

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21. September 2017.

WHAT NOW? Cautious investors move to the sidelines

The U.S. market is now in a rethink mode and frankly is happy to sit on the sidelines. With the...

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20. September 2017.

JUST ANOTHER DAY A quiet moment for the markets

Today marked the start of the Fed’s two-day meeting with an expected announcement Wednesday regarding its latest policies. It is...

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19. September 2017.

ARE WE RUNNING AT PAMPLONA? Are markets a bit crazy?

The score at Pamplona was 2 - nil to the bulls. The bulls managed to gore two Americans and markets...

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18. September 2017.

IT’S PARTY TIME! Markets shrug off threats

With no apparent threats on the horizon, the U.S. markets continue to party as if it’s 1999. Lil' Kimmie could...

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10. September 2017.

STORM GRIPS U.S. Catastrophe in the making?

Let’s forget everything and let’s just worry about a storm, that’s pretty much summed up Friday’s trading. With Friday's traffic,...

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8. September 2017.

IRMA STEALS LIL KIM’S THUNDER Markets brace for disaster

Just when Lil Kim thought he had the U.S. fearful, up jumped Irma to steal his thunder. Irma, you see is...

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7. September 2017.

DISASTER AVOIDED MOMENTARILY Debt ceiling decision deferred

The calendar for raising the debt ceiling has been momentarily avoided. A joint agreement between Trump, the GOP and Democrats...

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6. September 2017.

IRMA TRUMPS LIL’ KIMMIE Weather he likes it or not

What a day for poor old Kim. He had the world aghast at his next trick and along comes Hurricane...

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4. September 2017.

RUNNING FOR THE EXIT? Geopolitics gets really scary

Friday was interesting. However, it’s the weekend developments that will probably set the tone for the week. After Friday in...

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1. September 2017.

NEVER-NEVER LAND? Where, curiously, bonds always rally

Never-never Land. Is a Land where, curiously, bonds always rally. Over the last month, bonds have once again become conjoined...

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31. August 2017.

SOMEONE WAKE ME PLEASE! Markets put to sleep

Apart from the rattlings of a North Korean dictator and the ramblings of a marketer, the world was caught up...

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30. August 2017.

BLAH TO LIL’ KIM Markets brush off latest threat

It’s hard trying to decide who is more impotent, Lil' Kim or Trump.  After Kim rattled his blunt sabre and...

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28. August 2017.

TRUMP TRUMPS THE LIMELIGHT Debt ceiling and The Wall once again

In what was supposed to be a party for central bankers, economists and bankers the thunder was stolen once again...

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25. August 2017.

IT’S ALL THEIR FAULT Political uncertainty clouds the issues

Where once Europe was the problem child for investors, the U.S. is rapidly now becoming that problem. Political uncertainty is...

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24. August 2017.

I WAS JOKING, RIGHT? Markets react to The Wall

In a rhetorical sense, I guess that’s exactly what Trump was suggesting when he said that he would build “The...

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23. August 2017.


On a day with not much news the equity market rallied with the Dow having its best day since April....

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22. August 2017.

A MARKET ECLIPSE? Markets leery of events

The markets continue to be leery of events. That wariness has translated to a subdued equity market and a bond...

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21. August 2017.

DAY OF THE LONG KNIVES Markets cheer Bannon’s departure

When news of Bannon’s departure from the White House broke, the trading floor of the NYSE erupted in joy with...

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18. August 2017.

DID TRUMP LIGHT A FUSE? Markets react in an unexpected manner

Markets reacted today in a manner that was somewhat unexpected. After the release of some earnings results that were unexpectedly...

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17. August 2017.

GOLDILOCKS (VERS WHATEVER) The Fed comes to the rescue

Once again, the Fed came to the rescue of the markets and in its own language laid out the reasons...

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16. August 2017.

ALL QUIET TODAY Markets generally settled

Apart from Trump’s continuous missive with CNN - this time a tweet with the animation having a train hit the...

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15. August 2017.

ALL IS GOOD WITH THE WORLD Tensions defused, equities rally

Tensions defused After a hectic week of sabre rattling by Trump the weekend saw a reversal with senior aides scrambling...

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14. August 2017.

BE HAVEN LOOKING FOR HAVENS Markets perplexed and fearful

As the North East awoke Friday, havens were on most traders’ minds. Markets were perplexed and fearful following Trump’s rhetoric...

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8. August 2017.

HOLIDAY SEASON FOR TRUMP Happy days for the markets

Equity and bond markets rally Just when markets were starting to get interesting Trump has taken a 17-day vacation at...

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4. August 2017.

PERHAPS PERHAPS PERHAPS! The market reacts to Mueller jury

Markets reacted today in a somewhat muted fashion to the news released late in the afternoon by the Wall Street...

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20. July 2017.

Come here the noise

Come Hear The Noise! That’s how one could feel about the markets at present. Yesterday Draghi set the Euro markets...

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17. July 2017.

Pessimists Versus Optimists.

Pessimists Versus Optimists Sometime between Friday and Monday, China caught a cold. Not a bad cold, but a cold nonetheless....

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16. July 2017.

What The Markets Didn’t Do!

What The Markets Didn’t Do! What they did not do was listen to Trump in the first instance, because if...

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13. July 2017.

Yellen And The Three Bears

In a world that is now dominated with conspiracy theories and fake news, Yellen just the other day found herself...

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9. July 2017.

Leadership Vacuum

The way markets behave over the next few years could be attributed by the lack of interest the U.S. showed...

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6. July 2017.

Someone lost the Dummy!

Markets were somewhat roiled today by comments out of the ECB. Guess what, the ECB may now no longer be...

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5. July 2017.

A Lot of Bluster About Not Much

A Lot of Bluster About Not Much. That headline pretty much sums up the day’s trading. It’s as if many...

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26. June 2017.

Rockin and Rollin USA

Rockin and Rollin USA. So why the headline. Since Trump gained power equities have rallied and so too bonds after...

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19. June 2017.

Trump Trump’s Himself!

Friday was a quiet day and if Trump had not put himself in the news for all the wrong reasons...

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15. June 2017.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

It would appear as though Central Banks are breaking with the narrative set by their respective politicians. And as we...

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14. June 2017.

A Brewing Storm.

A Brewing Storm It remains to be seen whether the brewing storm turns into a light drizzle or into a...

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8. June 2017.

Goldilocks Revisited

Goldilocks Revisited. Comey, released his testimony today in word form before his expected testimony at the House Thursday. With no...

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5. June 2017.

Are We In The Goldilocks Zone?

For many investors in either bonds or equities we can safely say we are currently in the Goldilocks zone. Neither...

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31. May 2017.

Trump Trumps Trump

Trump Trumps Trump Trump had a big win over Vietnam today with the Vietnamese Prime Minister pledging to purchase more...

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31. May 2017.

A Trump Day Keeps The Market Away

A Trump Day Keeps The Market Away The day started in much the same manner as it has for the...

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29. May 2017.

An Uneasy Truce

An Uneasy Truce Ahead of the Memorial Day long weekend the day, the U.S. markets were quiet. The bond market...

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24. May 2017.

The Warning Lights Are Flashing!

The U.S markets waited patiently for the release of the Fed Minutes before doing much at all. Markets and especially...

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23. May 2017.

Sceptics Reign!

In a rhetorical world, the view of the sceptic is the sauce that keeps the argument flowing. Bonds did that...

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22. May 2017.

Deals Done Dirt Cheap!

Deals Done Dirt Cheap! The US equity market rallied today on the back of Trump’s signing of in excess $100...

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21. May 2017.

The Age of Uncertainty?

Markets benefited Friday by fobbing off any political news relating to Trump and instead focused on economic data. And forgetting...

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17. May 2017.

Oops Its Happened Again!

As a recalcitrant Trump doubled down on how harshly he was being treated the equity market burned. It was reminiscent...

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15. May 2017.

What A Day, What A Scam

What A Day, What A Scam The markets over the weekend continued to rebound from Trump declarations, North Korean missiles...

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10. May 2017.

Strange Days Ahead

Strange Days Ahead. Well the world just got a little weirder and once again the imprimatur was courtesy of the...

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9. May 2017.

All bets On Europe Now.

Something magical happened when Macron won the French election. Populism has faded, the euro or rather the longevity of the...

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8. May 2017.

Off To The Races

Off To The Races. The big news for the weekend was not a Trump comment or even a lack of...

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1. May 2017.

A Step In The Right Direction

A Step In The Right Direction Trump finally has had a win of sorts. Finally something has gotten through the...

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30. April 2017.

Markets Are Paused

Markets Are Paused Trump has now finished his first 100 days, and if his rhetoric is right then he is...

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28. April 2017.

Trump Moves Markets

Trump Moves Markets. Trump’s twitter account went into overdrive today as comments moved markets in both directions and ending with...

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27. April 2017.

Now the Fun Begins!

Now the Fun Begins! The much vaunted tax policy has finally been released and both Cohn and Mnuchin will have...

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25. April 2017.

Enough Hot Air to Fill A Hot Air Balloon!

Enough Hot Air to Fill A Hot Air Balloon! The equity markets have become rather too complacent and are rallying...

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20. April 2017.

Be Careful Of The Webs You Weave!

The line can best describe the markets today. On a day that was scant on a lot of detail, comments...

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20. April 2017.

What Can We Make of This!

What Can We Make of This! The more time that Trump tweets the more time credibility will be questioned. And...

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18. April 2017.

Let’s Buy Only American!

That slogan won’t help the U.S. economy unless the U.S. can improve the product offerings and unless Trump displays some...

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17. April 2017.

And That Was The Weekend!

The signals over the weekend are best thought of as mixed. Thursday saw bonds rally and equity slightly weaker. However...

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13. April 2017.

Slip Slidin Away, You Know The More You Get Closer To…..

Slip Slidin Away, You Know The More You Get Closer To….. And that’s the way the traders on bull Trump...

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12. April 2017.

What’s Happening To The Trump Trade?

What’s Happening To The Trump Trade? A little while ago Trump stepped up to take the accolades for the December...

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10. April 2017.

The New Orthodoxy Is The Old Orthodoxy.

The New Orthodoxy Is The Old Orthodoxy. The only thing that changes in time is time itself and that’s the...

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22. March 2017.

The First Test

The First Test Stocks were rather testy today. After opening stronger and trading some 60 points higher the stock market...

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19. March 2017.

How Long Can This Go On?

How Long Can This Go On? Apart from the U.S. human headline there are not many market discussion points other...

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15. March 2017.

Don’t Worry About Today Think About Tomorrow.

Markets have factored in a Fed rate hike and with a 100% probability of a Fed Hike on the Fed...

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14. March 2017.

Eyes Only For The Central Banks

Markets were quiet today and appear to be preparing for Wednesday’s much anticipated Fed rate hike. Volumes were low and...

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13. March 2017.

Fed Hike is Coming.

The labor force numbers released on Friday was up about 235k paving the way for the Fed to hike Wednesday this...

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7. March 2017.

Just in Case You Missed

Now that markets are settling and are of the opinion that the Fed will tighten 15 March, markets have moved...

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7. March 2017.

The Lull Before The???

The equity market in the U.S. took a rest today as volumes remained thin and investors weighed the likelihood of...

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5. March 2017.

Bonfires of Calamities!

Bonfires of Calamities! Well that is just what many could be thinking at present. Once again Trump has thrown the...

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1. March 2017.

What Speech!

What Speech! For what was supposed to be a night where flesh was put on the bones on policy we...

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28. February 2017.

Tonight’s the Night! Let’s Hope It’s Alright

Tonight’s the Night! Let’s Hope It’s Alright Today is the day for Trump’s long anticipated speech to the Congress where...

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28. February 2017.

It’s going to be faith

It’s going to be faith. Tonight Australian time Trump will prosecute the argument for his tremendous budget and provide some...

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26. February 2017.

Warning, Warning, Warning!

Warning, Warning, Warning! Bond markets and equity markets are diverging. Equity markets in the U.S. are running hot and those...

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23. February 2017.

Optimism is a mile high

Optimism is a mile high. “Optimism is a mile high but an inch deep” that’s the view of John Manley...

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22. February 2017.

Waiting for Trump to Address Congress

Waiting for Trump to Address Congress. One could think that markets would remain steady until Trump speaks to Congress, however,...

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21. February 2017.

Waiting for News

Waiting for News Today the US appeared to be stuck waiting for news. Equity markets rallied in the US and...

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20. February 2017.

President’s Day Today.

Markets were quiet today due to the US President’s Day Holiday. European bond markets were quiet and the UK and...

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19. February 2017.

Lazy Friday Afternoon

Lazy Friday Afternoon The equity market hit new highs Friday, and much of that euphoria started earlier in the day...

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16. February 2017.

The Lull before the …..

The Lull before the ….. Today saw the equity market retreat for most of the day and recover to close...

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15. February 2017.

Off To The Races on Hope, Well Maybe

Off To The Races on Hope, Well Maybe Another record high for the US equity market and this rally has...

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14. February 2017.

Yellen Shifts Markets

Yellen Shifts Markets Janet Yellen in her Congressional Testimony today suggested that the Fed was poised to raise rates if...

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13. February 2017.

Cracks in the Veneer?

The equity market rallied today and some of that rally could be attributed to a) no trade barriers with Canada...

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12. February 2017.

It Will Be Phenomenal!

It Will Be Phenomenal! That’s the news that the market is waiting for and the major reason why the equities...

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9. February 2017.

Taxes Trump Market.

Taxes Trump Market. After a meeting with senior airline staff, Trump announced that he would be making an announcement on...

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8. February 2017.

Lugubrious Markets and Dog Days of Trump.

Lugubrious Markets and Dog Days of Trump. Lugubrious is a word that sums up the state of markets perfectly unless...

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7. February 2017.

Markets Want Details

Markets Want Details. Markets continue to stall or rather trade in a very tight band with low volumes. Markets are...

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6. February 2017.

What Next?

Today was a curious day. First we had the amazing comeback by the Patriots, and that’s a bad omen for...

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5. February 2017.

Numbers Matter

Numbers Matter Markets were heading for a (now) rare day where bonds equities and commodities were all able to rally....

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2. February 2017.

Have Markets Signed A Faustian Pact With Trump?

Have Markets Signed A Faustian Pact With Trump? Equity markets have rallied since Trump won office on the premise of...

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1. February 2017.

Deja Vu, Here We Go Again

Deja Vu, Here We Go Again The Fed announced that it was not going to hike this month and whilst...

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31. January 2017.

Lessons Learnt, Lesson Forgotten

Lessons Learnt, Lesson Forgotten That’s how the market feels at present. That’s the way markets have been behaving. After rallying...

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30. January 2017.

Is The Bromance Fading?

Is The Bromance Fading? The equity market today suffered a retracement and probably the worst since Trump won the election....

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30. January 2017.

Tick tock time is ……?

Markets took a pause Friday. At stake are the markets continuing their nice run or are they starting to stumble....

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24. January 2017.

Cheer up shares up today

Cheer up shares up today. With possibly the stroke of a pen, two major oil pipelines are set to recommence....

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23. January 2017.

Time for the Contrarian Trade Yet?

Time for the Contrarian Trade Yet? The facts are maybe not what they seem in a world of economic data....

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23. January 2017.

Make America Great. Well maybe not just yet!

Make America Great. Well maybe not just yet! The news cycle over the inauguration dominated any market news and for...

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17. January 2017.

Politicians trump markets

Politicians trump markets Financial markets today stepped up to the plate, swung, missed and then retreated. On the day comments...

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15. January 2017.

To sell or not to sell?

To sell or not to sell? Trump will be inaugurated Saturday, and with that comes the responsibility of running a...

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12. January 2017.

Losing the Midas touch?

Losing the Midas touch? Currently markets are still attempting to evaluate Trump’s bizarre press conference yesterday which was supposed to...

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11. January 2017.

Market evaluates Trump’s first test: Fail, well kinda.

That’s at least what bond markets thought today. Ten years rallied whilst equities held steady post Trump’s comments. At risk...

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10. January 2017.

Hold on a minute

Hold on a minute. Wednesday we expect to see some policy statements from Mr Trump and hopefully those policy statements...

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9. January 2017.

Do we have too much optimism?

Do we have too much optimism? A number of stories hit the news services today and these stories pose the...

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8. January 2017.

The Trump Conundrum

The Trump Conundrum In a few more days the President Elect Trump will become President and as yet apart from...

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15. December 2016.

Can’t Wait Till 2017!

Can’t Wait Till 2017! (last bulletin until 9 January 2017) Bond markets remain in a state of turmoil following Trump’s...

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14. December 2016.

Hooray finally a rate hike!

Hooray finally a rate hike! Today the Fed raised rates by 0.25% and set the market a twitter. Yellen forecast...

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13. December 2016.

Countdown to 20,000

Countdown to 20,000 The equity markets in the US rallied today for no other reason than they expect Trumpenomics could...

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12. December 2016.

Commodity prices increase, post Trump spending anticipation

Now time out for a breather? It looks as though commodities have crashed the party. Crude now trading at a...

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12. December 2016.

The Party rolls on

The bullish tone for markets continues but one has to wonder how long before the market’s optimism tires and investors...

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8. December 2016.

The Party continues

The equity markets continue to rally although Gaming and Aircraft were down. Aircraft systems such as Boeing continue to be...

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8. December 2016.

Let’s get this party started. Wait it has started!

An extraordinary day with an extraordinary result, a new high for the equity markets and all this on a presumption...

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7. December 2016.

Trump orders cancellation on multibillion Air Force One order

Trump to Twittersphere, starting to join the dots Another extraordinary day and another comment from President Elect Trump. Trump lit...

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6. December 2016.

US Economy showing signs of strength

The US economy is finally starting to show some strength, equities rallied to new highs and bonds actually had a small rally.

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2. December 2016.


As one wag suggested today is Donald Trump draining the swamp or stocking it with alligators. That’s the question posed by a commentator after reading out the list of billionaires who have been appointed to Trump’s Cabinet.

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12. October 2016.

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Follow the link to read our recap of 2016.

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