Who should invest in this Fund?

Investors who have a low tolerance for the volatility of returns and who are more focused on income generation than capital gain.

What is the aim of the Fund?

Spectrum is focused on income. The Fund looks to provide stable returns with lower volatility than equities whilst providing daily liquidity.

How do I invest?

Investors can invest directly by downloading and completing the Application Form or through one of the nine Investment Platforms the Fund is on.

What are the risks involved?

The Fund invests primarily in floating rate notes. Unlike traditional fixed income products, the Fund does not have a significant duration risk. The key risks are credit spread duration risk and credit risk. These are mitigated by the investment team’s active management capabilities and experience in credit markets.

Are there performance fees?

No. The Fund does not charge a performance fee. The fees charged are a  Management Fee of 0.75%, which includes estimated GST payable after taking into account Reduced Input Tax Credits (“RITC”) and the Buy/Sell Spread of +0.15% / -0.15%.