Investment Objective The Fund aims to generate higher returns than the RBA Cash Rate over the short to medium term with lower volatility than equities.
Investments Held The Fund holds a diversified portfolio of debt and income securities with a view to minimising any loss of income and capital of the Fund. Issuers may be government bodies, banks, corporations and, to a limited extent, specialist financing vehicles. To maintain a diversified portfolio structure, certain limits are imposed on security type, credit risk, industry and issuers.
Investment Manager Spectrum Asset Management Limited
Commencement 31 May 2009
Fund Size $55.8m
Management Costs1 0.75% p.a. Buy Spread +0.15%
Minimum Initial Investment $5,000 Sell Spread -0.15%
Unit Prices Purchase Net Asset Value Withdrawal
30/6/2018 $1.0696 $1.0680 $1.0663