Retreat, retreat.

Risk assets fell amid concerns that the trade war may take some time to resolve and then unravel, with some economists touting that it may take until 2035 for tensions to ease. Trump and his administration have opened Pandora’s box. Read More

Sell In May, should’ve stayed away.

The trade war suddenly is getting very nasty and there is now a lot at stake. The uncertainty is starting to make a number of major equity investors rethink strategy with concerns that the trade war will drag on for some time. Read More

The Merry-Go-Round.

One wonders what this week brings following the confusion and sell off last week. Whilst the market was in the doldrums, consumer sentiment was sky high. China remains the enigma and the waters are murky. Trump is threatening Iran. Read More

The Reflex.

More trade talk and yes, the market rallies. The message from today is that the markets are clearly listening to Governments about what they have to say about trade and are reacting according to the news. Read More

Round and Round.

What’s going on between China and the US? It appears both have miscalculated each others position. The recent tit for tat move by the Chinese was aimed directly at the US stock market given the timing of the statement. Read More


Trump has set markets awry with yet another tweet. Markets are now positioned such that any sign of a spill over from the negotiations that causes slowing economic data or market distress will be seized upon. Read More

Waiting For Yoouu Mr Trump.

Both China and the U.S. appear to be playing a hard game of dare. However, for the stock market and other markets, the participants are hoping for someone to blink so a resolution can be achieved. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking down to tariff time. Read More

The Godot Moment.

Markets are waiting for news on trade. We have now for some time. Trump says that a deal will be done soon, and still we wait. Traders are concerned that with the arrival of Liu He on Thursday negotiations will either be fruitful or collapse. Read More

Just another Manic Tuesday.

Markets had already factored in a deal being done sometime this year. With Trump’s comments and with China’s top negotiator vacillating on whether to attend the trade talk meetings, maybe the deal is not as close as expected. Read More

Oh, what a day.

Trump certainly knows how to shock a market out of its comfort zone and that’s what his Sunday tweets managed to do. It knocked the stuffing out of markets for a while at least.  Asia was down but so too grain markets. Read More