Something he said.

Who would have thought that after yesterday’s actions by the FOMC that the market would rally? It’s hard to believe but markets – bonds, commodities, and stocks – all rallied because once again the Fed was going to hold rates steady. Read More

Down, Down Get Them Rates Down.

So, rates are coming down, well eventually. We knew that anyway. Why should the market react this way? It’s not really new news. The answer lies somewhere between expected news and announced. Read More

Who would have thought?

Well here we are again and who would have thought?  Who would have thought those years ago that, at this point in time, the UK still has no agreement and has extended its deadline to leave the EU to June? Read More

Steady as she goes.

Corporate bonds enjoyed a good start to the year, the best start since 2012. The strong performance allowed European issuers to issue the largest amount of debt in years with ease. The MSCI World Index also had its best start since 2012. Read More

Chuff away.

The ECB inspired a rally and that was followed up with a bedrock of data and commentary. Lael Brainard (Fed Governor) was dovish in her comments and even suggested that the next move by the Fed could be lower. Read More

Bye bye American dream.

The American dream has all but evaporated for the average American to buy a home, or at least that’s what a recent survey found in a national poll. Some 45% believe banks and investment firms have made it harder to achieve the dream. Read More

Only good news today.

The big news is that Trump is delaying the scheduled increase in tariffs. China and the U.S. economies appear to be both reeling under the weight of trade barriers and a compromise is being sought. Read More

How many times?

It seems the desire to invest overcomes rational thought and the simple fact that once again we have a déjà vu moment. Once again, a trade deal with China is just around the corner. And once again, we lose all basic instincts and add to risk. Read More

You Better You Better You Bet.

The issue that all investors and traders have at present is what to do. Something has to be done but what? Investors and traders need to be seen to be making money and the current environment is not helpful. Read More

Peculiar times ahead.

Friday was a day most peculiar and peculiar for a number of reasons. On a typical day when equities have a significant rally, bonds go into risk-off mode and sell. The S&P 500 rallied 1% and bonds weakened a basis point. Read More