Christine Windeyer

Christine is one of the Principals who founded Spectrum in 2001. She is Chairperson of Spectrum where she is responsible for overall operations. Read More

Lindsay Skardoon

Lindsay is one of the Principals who founded Spectrum in 2001. He is the Chief Investment Officer and carries portfolio management responsibilities at the firm.
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Darren Raward

Darren Raward joined the team in August 2019 as Head of Research and Portfolio Analysis. He brings around 25 years of experience in global credit markets, covering in depth securities analysis, debt market analysis and client management. Read More

Mark Jamieson

Mark Jamieson brings 21 years of financial accounting experience to Spectrum. With previous roles as a chartered accountant and auditor, Mark has particular skills in implementing and monitoring procedures. Read More

Christina Chan

Christina joined Spectrum in August 2019 as Operations Manager. Christina is responsible for management accounting and operational aspects of the business. Read More

Jarrod Brown

Jarrod Brown has over 24 years’ experience in banking and funds management. In his career, he’s been involved in all asset classes – ranging from private equity and hedge funds to property and credit. Read More