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Spectrum is a Sydney based fund manager that focuses on income. Our strength is corporate debt. We take and manage credit risk with moderate interest rate risk. Spectrum’s income products are designed for investors who are looking for income higher than bank deposits but without the volatility of equity markets.

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Our Performance

Spectrum Strategic Income Fund has produced an annualised return of 8.07% since its inception on 31 May 2009. The Fund has consistently generated stable returns and has never missed a distribution. Negative returns are rare and drawdowns are minimal.

Our Focus

Spectrum invests primarily in Australian dollar corporate bonds. We limit exposure to long-term interest rate risk by investing mainly in floating rate notes. The Funds do not use leverage or derivatives and takes no currency risk. Our focus is taking and managing credit risk to generate income for investors.

Our Experience

Spectrum understands credit. We are veterans of the credit markets with experience in funds management, trading, investment banking and research in both the domestic and international credit markets.

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Christine Windeyer

Christine WindeyerChairperson

Christine is one of the Principals who founded Spectrum in 2001. She is Chairperson of Spectrum where she is responsible for overall operations.
Lindsay Skardoon

Lindsay SkardoonPrincipal and Director

Lindsay is one of the Principals who founded Spectrum in 2001. He is the Chief Investment Officer and carries portfolio management responsibilities at the firm.
Damien Wood

Damien WoodPrincipal

Damien joined Spectrum in 2014 and manages the research function at the specialist investment manager.Damien has around 25 years of experience in global credit markets.
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Latest Updates

At a time when the U.S. may need to stimulate the economy, the coffers may well be bare. The budget deficit is growing and spending is now double what is being received in revenue.

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In our view, the recent discussion paper released by APRA on how to increase capital to meet global standards for our major Australian banks is not only spot on, but could not come at a better time.

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The latest information and analysis of the Spectrum Strategic Income Fund. As of 31 December 2018, the Fund produced an annual return of 3.41%.

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WANT TO KNOW MORE?Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fund on the mFund platform?

Yes. Investors can invest into the Fund via the mFund platform.

How long does it take to redeem my money?

The Fund provides daily liquidity. Investors can redeem their money in two to three days.

Who should invest in this Fund?

Investors who are seeking steady reliable income with less volatility than the equity market.


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