Fund Overview

On 1st May 2023, the Investment Management Agreement for the Spectrum Strategic Income Fund was transitioned from Spectrum Asset Management Limited to EQT Asset Management. Refer notice to Unitholders.


Lindsay Skardoon has joined EQT Asset Management and will continue to manage the Fund. There will be no change to investment strategy or fees charged.


The Fund seeks to deliver higher returns to investors than traditional cash management and fixed income investments. The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of debt and income securities with the objective of maximising income whilst preserving capital. The portfolio is mostly floating rate, so your return will increase as interest rates rise. Key features of the fund are:

Product NameSpectrum Strategic Income Fund (APIR Code ETL0072AU)
Responsible EntityEquity Trustees Limited (ABN 46 004 031 298, AFSL 240975)
Investment ObjectiveThe Fund aims to generate higher returns than the RBA Cash Rate over the short to medium term with lower volatility than equities.
Investments HeldThe Fund holds a diversified portfolio of debt and income securities with a view to maximizing income and preserving the capital of the Fund. Issuers may be government bodies, banks, corporations and, to a limited extent, specialist financing vehicles. To maintain a diversified portfolio structure, certain limits are imposed on security type, credit risk, industry and issuers.
Investment ManagerSpectrum Asset Management Limited
Commencement31 May 2009
Fund Size$51.3m as of 28 February 2023
Management Costs¹0.75% p.a.Buy Spread+0.05%
Minimum Initial Investment$5,000Sell Spread-0.05%


¹Includes estimated GST payable, after taking into account Reduced Input Tax Credits (“RITC”)

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Product Disclosure Statement – investors wishing to invest should refer to the Equity Trustees website for the latest PDS.
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Performance as at 28 February 2023

Performance as at 28/2/2023¹1mth6mth1yr3yr p.a.5yr p.a.Inception  p.a.
Total Net Return²0.44%1.94%1.75%1.42%2.44%6.29%
Average RBA Cash Rate0.28%1.45%1.83%0.71%0.93%1.93%

¹Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

²Total Net Return is the Fund return after the deduction of ongoing fees and expenses, assuming the reinvestment of all distributions.

Income Distributions

Income Distributions31/03/202230/06/202230/09/202231/12/2022
Distribution Rate (cents per unit)0.300.360.570.68