Morningstar Rating

Morningstar Ratings, as of the 31st July 2018 - Click here to read the full Morningstar Fund Report.

The Morningstar star rating system applies 5 stars to the top 10% of funds based on historical risk adjusted return

Morningstar quantitative ratings
3 Year ★★★★★
5 Year ★★★★★
Overall ★★★★★

SQM Research Rating

SQM Research Superior

Spectrum’s Strategic Income Fund has a 4.25 star ‘Superior Investment Grade’ rating by SQM Research. Click here to read the full SQM Research Fund Report (For wholesale investors only).

Yield Report

YieldReport describes itself as providing Australia's only independent analysis of interest rate markets and securities. Every month, it publishes an Australian Bonds Summary comparing the performance of around 30 – 40 funds, which includes Spectrum Strategic Income Fund.

Click here for Yield Report’s latest Australian Bond Funds performance table:

Australian Fund Monitors

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