From SQM Research – Spectrum Strategic Income Fund upgraded to 4.25 stars ‘Superior’

SQM Research is an investment research house which specialises in providing accurate research and data to financial institutions, investment professionals and investors. From its core beginnings in residential property market data, SQM Research has grown to cover research on all asset classes.

Spectrum’s Strategic Income Fund (SSIF) has been upgraded to 4.25 stars by SQM Research – up from 4 stars in 2017.   The Fund is considered ‘Superior’ (High Investment Grade Rating) and is considered suitable for inclusion on most APLs.

A Superior Rating  from SQM Research means that “The fund outperforms (or is likely to) its peers and benchmark the majority of the time. The fund most of the time has been operating within its mandate and PDS. There are very little to no corporate governance concerns. Management is of a very high calibre.”

SQM’s ratings report was prepared for financial advisers only.

To view Spectrum’s Fund Profile on SQM Research, click here.